Healthy No-Bake Breakfast Bars

These energy sustaining breakfast bars come from Sara Snow's recipe database.  They are yummy and perfect for those mornings when you really feel the need for speed!

This recipe was inspired from a diet recipe for breakfast bars. I took that recipe and turned it upside down, added fiber, protein, antioxidants and lots of healthy goodness. These are incredibly easy to make and keep on hand for grab-and-go mornings.  
 -Sara Snow


2 ½ cups old fashioned organic quick oats

½ cup whole flax seed

¼ cup organic dark cocoa power (or slightly less)

½ cup natural peanut butter

½ cup honey

½ t spirulina (found at health food stores)

½ - 1 cup HOT water


Stir ingredients together.

Form into individual sized paddies, like hamburgers.

Wrap in plastic wrap and keep in freezer or fridge (for a few days).


  1. I'd like to see Kristen's homemade granola recipe listed.

  2. you can find Kristen's granola recipe under our recipe links (it's called "Going Granola Granola"), or here:




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