and the pupil shall become the teacher . . .

Ever been schooled by your child?

Jafta, my 3-year-old, can be really pokey and distracted while getting dressed. Sometimes I set the timer to give him an incentive to hurry. Yesterday, the kids were dressed and ready for playgroup and I was still drying my hair. Jafta walked into my bathroom with the timer and let me know he had set it for me, and that when it went off I needed to be ready for playgroup.

A few days ago, I picked Jafta up from preschool with the music blaring, seizing the opportunity to listen to my own CD's before "DJ Jafta" got in the car. When he was all buckled in, he informed me, "I don't like the White Stripes. We need some worship music in here".

Yesterday, I had a prescription bottle laying on the kitchen table. (in my defense, it was empty). Jafta brought it to me and told me that I needed to put it in the medicine cabinet over the dryer, so that India wouldn't try to eat any.

Umm, thanks?

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  1. Just yesterday amidst the chaos of moving from one house to another, I drove about 10 miles on the freeway with my son (unknowingly) in his car seat, but not strapped in. When we pulled into the driveway of our destination, Logan said this in a super sweet voice:

    "Mama, next time we drive on the big, big road, can you be sure to snap Callen in so that he doesn't get a big owie and go to heaven? I would sure miss him. Could you try harder next time, please?"

    Oh the mommy brain!


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