Top 5 Things My Kids Play With

1.  My son plays with his reflection in the oven's glass door ("mama, wook, beebeebeebee..." as he moves his hips from side to side).

2.  The toiletries and make up in my bathroom (as I am trying to get ready in a frenzy because I have spent too much time crafting, writing, cleaning (lie!), reading blogs, etc. 

3.  Pine cones from "our backyard" (seriously...I found one in the snack drawer the other day.  and, ironically, we do not have a pine tree.  twilight zone?).

4.  The toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls from Costco (they build towers, "measure" each other [and me - Logan estimated that I was as tall as forty-five-eighty toilet paper rolls because "you are large old when you are thirty, mama"], and they play their own twisted version of bowling by rolling the toilet paper rolls into plastic cups [not twisted] & poor innocent stuffed animals [kind of twisted]).

5.  And, drum roll please...  the final thing that my kids play with is...  MY PATIENCE.

Notice that none of these things on the list are actually "toys".



  1. I always love how my kids seem more interested in the box a toy come in than the actual toy itself.

  2. I hauled off a majority of the girls toys to Goodwill. I can't deal with the clutter and they don't even play with them. Like the paper towel tower. Off to let them build one.


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