Taming the Baby Hairs

No, this is not a post dedicated to fixing your infant's hair. Today, we are talking about a lovely after-effect of pregnancy: the halo of baby hairs.

I was forewarned about most of the things that happened to my body after a baby. The stretch marks, the saggy boobs, still looking pregnant, my hair falling out . . . I may not have been prepared for the realities of these things happening to my body and the spiral of self-consciousness that would ensue. But I had been warned. However, no one told me that after all of that hair loss, when my baby was about a year old, my hair would start growing back. In small, spikey patches that stick straight up. No one told me that once I rounded the corner of getting used to my post-baby body and started to feel a bit normal again, that my hair would completely turn against me, and look wild and unkempt despite whatever pomade, gel, flatiron, or hairspray I used. That no matter how much time I spent on my hair in the morning, in about an hour it would look as if I just woke up.
There is a scientific explaination to this phenomenon: something about progesterone, telogen effluvium, and Anagen growth phases. Uh-huh. Personally, I think it is God's natural plan for birth control to make us look totally unattractive for up to two years after the birth of our child. And let's not even get into the whole vaginal dryness thing, the OTHER after-effect no one told me about.

Anyways, I was complaining about this to Ali the other day (the hair problem, not the va gay-gay). Ali is always full of great ideas. The solution? Clear mascara.
Brilliant! It totally works. A little brush on the offending unruly hairs, and they are smoothed back into submission.
Now, if anyone can give me a solution to my deflated boobs that I can buy at Walgreens for $4.59, I am all ears.


  1. I love that I am the one that gave you that tip. Why do I love that? Because I own about 3 makeup products and I rarely do my hair.

    Ironic. But, I feel more girlie having been the tipster on this one.

    Thanks for the boost, Kristen! :)


  2. I am going out this afternoon to purchase this product! I have a 10 month old and my baby hairs stick up more than his!! For someone who does not do much to her hair this has been a real challenge to, as Kristen said, not "look like I just woke up" an hour after getting ready. Ideas like this is another reason (of many) that mama's need to talk and share ideas!!

  3. I can so relate to this. Literally my son turned 11 months and I started growing these Farrah Fawcett -like wings behind my ears. I took a look in the car window this morning after the grocery store and had been walking around with them sticking straight out all morning. Luckily it was 8am and there was no one in the store. Which by the way, I used to (out of pride???) refuse the 'Do you need help out to your car' offer, but now I gladly accept, and by the time Son is buckled into his car seat, all my groceries are safely in my trunk by nice man Pat! So thanks for the tip here. I love your blog - all the postings are great - its now under my list of 'blogs I stalk'!! Let me know how I can spread the word.

  4. love this blog! my friend, tristen anderson, introduced me to you mamas :)
    anyways, i was cracking up at "taming the baby hairs." my son is 7 months old, and while i knew that hair loss was part of the postpartum drill, i didn't realize i'd be dealing with these new patches of crazy hair. and since my showers don't happen on a regular basis, the little hairs get greasy and stick to my hairline, just in case i wasn't feeling pretty enough...
    so nice to know i'm not alone!


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