Mama Confessions - And The Truth Shall Set You Free...

Here is our Mother's Day gift to you mamas out there.  Hopefully, you can have a giggle with us as we share our mama confessions with you...

This blog is a place for us to confess those mistakes that can send us into the spiral of mama guilt - any mom's worst enemy. This is a space for us to share in the challenges and mishaps. Have you ever forgotten to strap the carseats? Ever forget the sunblock and let your baby get a sunburn? Ever let the kids watch three hours of Noggin while you finished a project?

Confess it all here. I bet you're not alone.


  1. it must be noted that this entire video was filmed on a mac computer, edited on a mac computer and posted by a mac computer. I am sure you were expecting much more than that given its incredible quality!

    the mamas heart apple. :)

    I guess you could say we are powered by apple and pirate's booty.

    thanks for watching...

  2. I loved it! But I must say that I would NEVER do ANY of those things! Shame on you all :) I can't think of anything right now but I know there are plenty of them.

  3. here's a confession:

    when my daughter Caitlin was little I would read to her every night at bedtime. I know, what a great mom, right? The only thing was, she always picked the book with the most pages and words...and i was tired, oh so tired every night. So, i would read the first page and then skip 3 or 4 pages and continue the story until i was really just making it up and turning pages really fast. It worked for a long time, but seriously backfired when she learned to read and one night i tried it with a book she had read...and apparently memorized. "Mom. What are you doing? That isn't what the book says."


    But, the happy ending is that from that night on...she had to read to me.

    And yes, i did fall asleep in her bed.

  4. Oh funny! Thank you for the laughs. This blog is the best!


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