A Load of Croc

My family has a love-hate relationship with Crocs. My kids love them, and I hate them. I tend to be on board with this other girl named Kristen, who describes them as the bane of modern civilization.

I tried so hard to resist buying them for my kids. Friends were raving about their comfort , and all the kids at playgroup were wearing them. Jafta saw them in stores and begged and begged. Finally, I relented with India, because her feet were getting stinky in her Vans and sandals would not stay on her feet. I figured that she was so young that their lame factor didn't count (i.e. you wouldn't see an adult walking around in Robeez). Toddlers can get away with anything, I rationalized. I bought her a pair and she LOVED them. In fact, she threw many a tantrum when I tried to take them off her feet for naps.

Well, you can imagine how that sat with Jafta. He was distraught for weeks seeing his sister wearing them around. We would walk by the aisle of plastic shoes at Target and he would run up to them, yelling "please can we take these home? PLEASE?"

Okay, fine. I allow Jafta to try on a pair. I mean, it would be nice for him to be able to put on his own shoes in the morning. So we venture into that aisle at Target (cause ya'll know I'm not gonna spent $24 on the real thing), and of course, there are none in his size. But Jafta grabs the first pair he sees (adult size 9) and walks around in them, proclaiming his love and devotion. I explain to them that there are no pairs in his size, to which he argues how the adult shoes fit him perfectly. "See that? They fit me! See that?" I explain that mommy needs to go home and order them from the computer. He totally does not understand this concept, and throws a sizeable tantrum at Target. Imagine a 3-year-old screaming in the checkout aisle, "I miss my Crocs. Oh, my Crocs! I miss them so much!"

I ordered his pair online, and Jafta checked the mailbox every five minutes for a week until they came. And when they did come . . . you should have seen how overjoyed this child was to be reunited with the plastic wonders you wear on your feet. He has worn them every day since.

Which leads me to a very, very embarassing confession . . .

Last week, we took a trip to Haiti (number 2839 on the list of Top Family Vacation Destinations in the World. Right after Bagdad, right before Tehran). Before we left, I ran to Whole Foods to get some herbal bug repellant (which led to the Mosquito Fiasco of 2008). And there at the end of the aisle were some Crocs hanging on the wall. Hmmm. I need some sensible shoes for walking around Haiti. Breathable AND with a closed toe? Anti-bacterial? And wow, they really are comfortable. Maybe just for the trip, I think.

So with more than a wee bit of shame, I bought myself a pair of Crocs. The real thing. I wore them the whole time I was in Haiti. They were lovely. They were so comfortable, and keep my feet cool and dry. It was like walking on air.

My intention was to leave them in Haiti at the end of the trip. But then, I needed something comfy to wear on the plane. And then, yesterday, I was just walking around the house and slipped them on . . .

And then today, I just ran to Target in them.

Oh crap. This is how it starts . . .


  1. I just bought both my kids fake crocs at Target today. I also hate them for many reasons, but too felt that a child with little feet is an exception. My 3 year old got a blister on the side of her foot today, within hours. She now hates them, we will see!

  2. Yep, I was a Crocs snob until our trip to the DR last summer. We were the only ones with dry feet after crazy rains. They were awesome. Just try and justify that now you're prepared to go on a mission trip to anywhere at anytime.

    Your next step is to buy character pins to put into them. This is when you've lost all self respect.

  3. Character pins . . . is that sort of like "flair"?

  4. oh kristen....first come the crocs, then comes the minivan...or in our case, first came the free minivan, then came the crocs. although heaven knows i havent lowered my cool factor enough to actually purchase a pair for myself! :)

    you know, zaine got a pair last year (from walmart) and looovvveeed them...even wore them during the winter with socks...yes, i can see you now with your wooly socks and crocs this winter!

    p.s. there is a group on facebook called something like "i know your crocs are comfortable but you look like a dumb*** in them anyway." yikes! it was enough to scare me away from purchasing a pair this month :) but im sure you can pull them off with perfection!

    oh, and to mike and rachel, for some reason certain pairs have given my daughter a blister on the side of her foot too. one pair from walmart did, the other didnt. each fauxcroc pair must be made differently.

  5. I am just about to give into the Croc mania as well (for my child, not me!)- they seem soooo effortless and easy. However, my husband would have it any other way! He is determined to prevent crocs (or faux-crocs) from infiltrating our home. Since he is not the one trying to get shoes on our little one, I think he might lose this battle!

  6. I have gotta tell you - I am a fan of the crocs! I do not think they are cute. No. Never. They sort of look like the kinds of shoes that surgeons wear into surgery that can easily be hosed off. But, man are they convenient and comfortable. I love that I can shake the sand out of them while they are still on my kids feet (allowing me to just lift the kids from the ground and shake them on their way into the minivan in one fell swoop).

    And, I have the chocolate brown mary janes...I love them for gardening and the beach...so comfy and love that I can hose the mud off of them so easily.

    I think you are going to be converted!


    p.s. and, yes, lets call it "flair"...so much better than "jibbitz"

  7. I must say, the Walmart fakeys are far superior to the Target ones. The Target crocs have a back strap that is way too short.

    This is the ONLY instance where Walmart is superior to Target.


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