Easy Banana Cream Pie

So, this recipe was made using left over home- made whipped cream (mixed into the pudding ...you do not have to do this) & pound cake (from a trifle making experiment), banana pudding, 1 banana, chocolate chips, canned whipped cream and the vanilla wafer cookies from Trader Joe's. At the last minute, I decided to assemble them in wine glasses so that there would be individual servings and so that they would stay pretty (I think trifles look so lovely before you start serving, and then they get kind of gloppy looking). They turned out DELICIOUS!

Ingredients (makes 8 wine glass servings):
about 1/4 of a pound cake, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 package of banana pudding or vanilla pudding, prepared as directed
1 banana, sliced thinly
about 1/2 cup chocolate chips (pure milk chocolate from Trader Joe's are so super yummy)
whipped cream in a can
16 vanilla wafer cookies from Trader Joe's (2 per glass)

1. layer the glasses with the pound cake, a scoop of pudding, bananas, chocolate chips, and then the whipped cream on the very top.
2. If you like, you can sprinkle the whipped cream with a bit of cinnamon and sugar for extra pizzazz! Garnish with the vanilla wafers on top.
3. Enjoy!

I accidentally announced our "Cooking with all things Trader Joe's" cookbook winners just a tad early. I will totally plead temporary insanity due to the sicknesses that are plaguing our home (first the stomach flu - then head and chest colds - and now, pink eye!). And, please forgive me for the brain fog.

So, today, I will announce the winner of the Studio Calico scrapbooking kit ... We are going to pass it off to Jenn for her fabulous tip of using the larger ziplock bags to organize the pages of your scrapbook before you sit down to scrap it up! Thanks for the great tip, and shoot us an email and we will hook you up with this amazing kit!

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