Create Your Own Book With Your Kids

I recently stumbled upon this very cool creation at Shutterfly - a mom made a book of animals in ABC format for her son using photos from her travels around the world with her husband.  You can view the project here. (They traveled for a whole year!)

It got me thinking - what a super fun project for summertime to do with our kids (if they are old enough), or for our kids if they are not old enough to participate.  Shutterfly is a quick and easy place to create these types of books (they seem extra special to kids because they are real books, with a cover and bound pages), or you could just make it at home and read it gingerly.  Here are some of my quick thoughts as to how you could adapt the idea to fit your life:

-The ABC's of Summertime (a = apple slices, b = beach trip, c = car windows down ... etc.)

-The ABC's In My Neighborhood (a = after dinner walks around the block, b = building on the corner, c = cat across the street who climbs our fence every day ... etc.)

-The ABC's Take A Roadtrip (a = Arizona, b = burgers in the car, c = car bingo ... etc.)

-100 Things We Love About Summer (1. sandy toes, 2. frozen watermelon on a stick, 3. staying in jammies until 10 AM, ... etc.)

-50 People Who Love You or 50 People We Love (this could be a really fun gift for a baby ... you know how babies love to look at faces)

-The ABC's of Gratefulness (a = a sister to play with, b = balloons to bop with dad in the living room, c = cars to drive in ... etc.)  - I especially like the idea of creating this one to read around Thanksgiving time.

-The ABC's of Christmas in Our House (a = angels announcing "Joy to the World", b = baking cookies for friends, c = Christmas Carols in the neighborhood ... etc.)  - This is a fun one to highlight the meaning of Christmas for your family, and a way to record & celebrate some of your family traditions around the holidays!

I think that this could be a very fun project that would allow kids to think a bit, get creative taking pictures or finding things to take pictures of, and learning the value of starting a project and seeing it through, as well as the joy of holding a completed project in their hands to read over and over again!  They may even appreciate their books lining their bookshelves a bit more after seeing firsthand what it looks like to author a book!


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