Following the Recipes...

All I'm saying is sometimes it pays to follow a recipe. Like when you are making a cake and they tell you to get three different sized ice cream cones. I would be inclined to say "Really? Is that necessary? Is this a clever marketing trick put together by the Disney Company?" And where on earth am I going to pick up some chocolate candy sea shells?

My husband is a chef and he A-L-W-A-Y-S follows the recipe. This is what happens when my husband is in charge of the birthday cake. Gorgeous.


p.s.  To see the recipe for this Sand Castle Cake, click here.


  1. Ummm, can Fred be in charge of my birthday cake? And my kids' cakes too?

    I will make sure to email that photo to my hubby. :)

    Beautiful, Amy!


  2. This cake tasted as yummy as it looked. Great job Freddy! We love you!


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