About Mama Manifesto - Why Are We Doing This?

Motherhood is not just hard because...

your kids aren't sharing or the spaghetti boiled over or because you are bored of watching the same shows on the Disney Channel or because you are weary of the routine of getting kids to and from school every day or you are tired of yellow poopy diapers exploding on you!!

All of that makes for challenging and somewhat monotonous days at times, but motherhood is hard because...

kids are having sex in 6th grade and families are struggling to put food on the table AND pay the mortgage and terrorists are threatening to destroy our nation and boys are being sent off to war and, OH MY SWEET LORD, 1 in 150 children are autistic and kids are taking guns to school in their back packs and 3rd graders are talking about g-strings and panty lines and children living with diabetes are becoming part of the status quo and the food on the shelves at the grocery stores is coming from who knows where with who knows what in it and is sprinkled with unknown chemicals that are sure to cause damage to our children's brains (remember, 1 in 150 is autistic) and there are trace amounts of drugs in our drinking water and most of us live in communities where we do not know our neighbors' names and do not know who to talk to about all of this stuff that is seriously freaking us out.

That is just in America. Outside of our fortunate country, mothers and children are hiding from traffickers and little boys are walking into warzones with automatic weapons and babies are dying because their mothers have no food to give them and entire families are being ravaged by HIV and AIDS.

We need help. We need resources. We need courage. We need inspiration. We need each other.

We are not doing this project because we have it [motherhood] figured out, or because we are doing it unbelievably well. We are launching the Mama Manifesto because we need tools ourselves and because we recognize that together we are much stronger than we are on our own. We are real moms and we are in the trenches just like you. We are committed to being authentic and sharing our struggles and motherhood journeys. We will be adding nap-sized morsels to this blog daily.

Are you ready to join us? Share your stories and let us laugh with you, cry with you, dream with you. Share your tips, your shortcuts and your recipes. We will be sharing ours.

We are each others' greatest assets...

p.s. We do not believe that motherhood = hard. We believe that it is a gift to walk this road...and that it can feel like the most wonderful, amazing, eye-opening, joyful, terrifying, beautiful, and challenging thing all at the same time!



  1. Dear Mama's,
    I have to say your video confessions was hilarious!
    My kids are older 11-18, so I can't pull the liners that you all are using ie; my kids think I can't blow up a balloon!
    As we cherish these loving moments with the angels, the question has to be asked, how are we preparing for the precarious(possibly) teen years? As you mentioned kids doing the unmentionable at a 6th grade level. You never think that you will end up in these places. Yet some of us do end up there and say "This was not the plan"
    Check out my blog that attempts to help in this arena, Authenticliving@blogger.com
    Your friend, Terri Lee

  2. Dude(ette)!!

    This is off the hook! Great site.

    Let me know if you ever want to do a giveaway of one of Michele's necklaces (www.CuteAsABubble.com) She'd hook you up!



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