TALK BACK: Unexpected Expenses

Parenting is expensive. And not always in the ways that you expect. Sure, diapers, clothes, food . . . all that adds up. But it's the stuff they BREAK that just sinks my stomach a little.

Today, I found my dauughter with three of my necklaces hanging out of her mouth in a tangled ball. So tangled that they had to be discarded. Yesterday, she broke the Shift key on my laptop, so I get to capitalize with one hand when I type. Last fall, Jafta flushed a penguin toy down the toilet, requiring us to hire a plumber and replace the entire toilet. Each of my children have broken our DVD player on seperate occasions, and last week I found a Shrek doll in the VCR.

I'm keeping a tally. This will all be paid off once they are working adults.

How about you? What unexpected things have your kids added to the budget?


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  1. around our house there seems to be a coloring problem. not so much breaking, but destroying by coloring on walls, sofas, clothing, scratching stars into the wood on our side table or deep lines into the leather chair. Lux has engraved her name on her chest of drawers, Zaine has colored her shoes pink. and i never actually see these things taking's like i wake up and suddenly some new piece of furniture has been marked with kid graffiti.


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