Torture Techniques: A Parenting Parallel

I watched a recent documentary on psychological torture techniques in political prisons. I won't go into my feelings on that, but I will share a curious recognition of many of the things these prisoners were subjected to. Any of these sound familiar?

  • sleep deprivation - not allowing the subject to sleep

  • noise flooding - subjecting prisoners to loud, unrelenting high-pitched noises, particularly while sleeping

  • repeated questioning -asking the subject the same questions, over and over again

  • music torture - a form of torture that involves playing annoying music incessantly

  • hygiene - subject is prevented from showering on a regular basis

  • isolation - removing subject from contact with peers
  • humiliation - placing subjects in close contact with urine and fecal matter

  • systematic reduction of choice - forcing subjects to complete the same arbitrary tasks over and over again

I will let you draw your own parallels here. Seems my mind is not working like it should . . .


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