TALK BACK: Little White Lies

Do you ever lie to your child? I am guilty of this. Not big lies . . . just little ones, mostly for my own convenience. Just today, in an attempt to get Jafta to eat some salad greens, I told him that big boys got that way by eating lots of vegetables. I used examples of his friends . . “Jafta, you know how Nate is big? He eats LOTS of veggies. Alex? Loves him some veggies”. To further drive the point home, anytime he eats veggies, I act like he is suddenly to heavy to pick up. Harmless, right?

When I was a little girl, my mom told me that if I ate the crusts of my bread, it would make my hair grow curly. I always wanted curly hair, so I consumed those crusts with earnest optimism until I was a teenager and realized I'd been duped.

How about you? Lie much?


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