Permission Granted

I love my elementary school memories of learning about an upcoming field trip and running home with excitement: permission slip pinned carefully to the back of my tee shirt. There was no question about whether or not I would be able to go, but that permission slip needed a signature and that permission slip had to be taken back to school in order for me to board the bus and join the rest of the class for some off campus fun.

I'm just going to ask. How many of us in our mothering are waiting for a permission slip to do some of the things we have not allowed ourselves to do since we entered into the land of "Mama"? For some it may be that coveted alone time - "Well, my kids need me day and night and this is just a season, so....." - and the years go on and on and we haven't even had alone time on the potty. Don't laugh, I know you Moms are out there! Or maybe for some of you, it is the pressure to keep an immaculate home that has kept you from having people over as often as you want. Maybe you are a homeschooling mother who doesn't have a sane bone left in her body but you think there is a chance someone will come and punish you severely if you make the choice to let someone else educate your children for a year. Maybe you haven't been away from your children for more than 4 hours - and they are 12 years old. Maybe you have a hobby or a craft or an activity or a dream that is worth exploring but you don't feel the freedom to do that.

We are here to sign your permission slip. Your Mama Manifesto is your permission slip to dream again (or for the first time) about what you hope to achieve while in your mothering career. Write it down and share it with the (online) world.


One of my favorite movies is "Meet The Robinsons" ( I have three young children, remember?) There is a fabulous moment in the movie where the main character tries to fix something and instead ends up spraying an entire table of people with peanut butter and jelly. Frustrated and dejected, the young boy hangs his head. To his surprise, the entire quirky family gives him a standing ovation and congratulate him for failing! "Nothing is ever learned through success" they tell him.

While we don't aim to fail in motherhood, fail we will. While we have the best intentions when we set off with certain parenting paradigms, fail us they may. We seek to be the type of community that not only gives PERMISSION to fail (because we will) but the type of community that CONGRATULATES failure (because we learn).

Let us know if we can sign a permission slip for you. We don't want you to miss the fun.


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  1. Praise the LORD for you gals doing this blog, I pray you get blessings abundant.
    I am adopting my 3 kids from the foster system, I have had them for a year and a half, I feel like they have lacked a mother for so long I have to make up for lost time, I'm just reaching the point that i need to let them go to another for a short time so I get some respite and they can learn to trust that I will always be there and come back to them again and again.
    I need permission to find time for me, and to have time for my husband.


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