Lining up our vision with our actions...

"My biggest hope is that people will be inspired to become participants in their own healing - that they'll begin to see that what they eat, drink, think and do can bring them down or help them fly."
-Actress, Kris Carr, on her film Crazy Sexy Cancer.
One of our biggest goals in this whole mama manifesto project is that we would all begin to think more about the vision that we have for our lives and begin to take ownership of how we can either work toward that vision taking root, or work against it. We all make choices every single fact, our days are composed of individual choices that are strung together. Those choices are how we either begin to make our vision a reality (or move towards that vision being a reality), or keep ourselves one step further away from that vision being our reality. I have often been struck by how nearly every successful business person & artist has a clear vision statement. It makes sense to come up with business plans, mission statements, and then to have periodic evaluations of what kind of progress is being made. It sounds oh so corporate, but isn't an action plan really how progress is made?

So, as moms, wives and women, what does it look like for us to come up with our own mission statement, or vision of what we would like for our family and personal life to look like? We call this our mama manifesto. And, when we have that down on paper in front of us, we can then see how the choices that we are making every day in real life are lining up with our manifestos.

I have found that I want to absolutely be present (emotionally, physically, spiritually) with my children as I am parenting. No small task, I know, and something that WILL be a work in progress. But, I can make choices daily that will allow me to make small successes in this area...I can choose to prioritize my tasks and work that needs to get done while the kids are napping or playing on their own, and be more intentional about how I am engaged with them when we are all together (turning off my computer and walking away!). I can also choose to do things more simply so that I am not a frazzled mommy who is running around like crazy (say at holidays, birthday parties, etc.), and am actually present, engaged and soaking up these memories. I am finding that it is a greater gift for my children to have a mom who is peaceful and living in the moment with them, then to have a mom who is super mom in the classroom, keeping the home perfectly clean, preparing the most gourmet of gourmet meals and planning amazing extracurricular activities. It is, for me, about balancing my goals in each of those areas against the reality that takes place when I am striving to do those things.

What are your action steps that you need to take? Are you feeling frustrated about your physical fitness and eating habits (choose to only buy foods that will aid this goal and make sure you incorporate physical activity wherever possible)? Do you want to have a more positive attitude towards your husband (start a gratitude journal and list 5 things that you appreciate about him daily)? Are you feeling disconnected from your husband (turn off the tv and force yourselves to sit and talk for 30 minutes after the kids go to bed, or have an at home date night and have a late dinner together after the kids go to bed with candlelight and mellow music and real conversation)? Do you maybe feel anxious (start doing 5 minutes a day of stretching and meditative breathing exercises)?

I truly think that it is all about the baby steps in every area of our life. My husband refers to it as "changing the lightbulbs". -When a lightbulb (old patterns or old ideas that are not moving you forward) is burnt out or shining the wrong kind of light, change it. The goal is not to go through your entire home changing out all the lightbulbs at once. -Open your eyes, look up and take inventory of the ones that are totally out. Change those. Then, once those are burning bright, look around again.

This is not a call to take your destiny and to put positive thinking and energy out into the universe so that the universe can deliver all good things you have ever wanted to your door step. But, in a way, it is a call to begin to own the fact that regardless of what is happening in our lives, we are in control of how we choose to respond. Lets respond with deliberate thought and action and with our values and vision [manifesto] in mind.


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