WFMW: Keep Out the Dawn

My kids seem to wake up with the crack of dawn. That may have been great for our ancestors who need the sunlight to plow the fields, but I am quite fine with using the magic of light bulbs to illuminate my work.

In order to help my kids sleep a bit later, I learned to "block out" the sun in the morning. I have the curtains in their windows lined with black out material (sold at craft stores in the drapery material section or online here). I just cut the black out material to the size of the curtains and hot glued it right to the back of the curtains and it keeps their rooms cooler in the summer and keeps the sunlight out in the morning so that they are not up at dawn!


  1. great idea!! Beats buying the expensive black out curtains or shades.

  2. what a wonderful idea!!!

    I need to do that!

    sandy toe

  3. Ya, that's probably a better trick than putting a snack out for them the night before and hoping they will play safely, quietly and unsupervised until 9am!

  4. Great idea! This will look much better than the fleece blankets I currently have tacked to the wall!

  5. Ooh, great tip! I am definitely going to try this!


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