TALK BACK: I will NEVER do that!

Growing up, there were many things that my mother did, that I swore I would never do. For one, she made us wear matching outfits nearly every day until I was physically able to restrain her. (that's me on the right - a little too old to be wearing a collared dress don't you think?). She was also the master of licking her finger and using a bit of spit to wipe our faces. I also remember her frantically cleaning the house before any friends came over, in a desperate attempt to pretend we always lived in uncluttered perfection. Before I had kids, I also saw things that friends did, that I vowed not to do with self-righteous ignorance. Bargaining with food, counting to three, walking around covered in spit-up, having a living room full of toys . . . . check, check, check, check, check.

I find myself doing many of the things I always vowed not to. What are some of the things you never thought you would do, that you find yourself doing?



  1. Stress over my kids getting their naps.

    Bribe them with treats on an airplane.

    Let them watch a movie in the car.

    Shouting from the kitchen at them to be quiet, stop fighting, etc.

    I could go on and on...

  2. Oh my goodness! Does that bring back memories? I share many of the same ones as you, as well as, using phrases like, " If you keep frowning, your face is going to stay that way!", or "Get it done NOW!" as if I were a drill sergeant or something.

    My mom just passed away, and fortunately she left many wonderfully legacies as well. I love to cook with my daughter, but just like my mom, we clean as we cook, so when it is all done, the kitchen looks like nothing happened. With so much fun in the kitchen, why on earth do I need it to look like nothing happened there?

  3. My big one is threatening my kids. Listen or I'll take away your such and such. Go to sleep or we're not going swimming tomorrow. And on and on. Bleh.

  4. Let the toys overtake my living room - or change furniture to accomodate them (HA!)

    Give in on yet another set of fruit snacks simply because you know it will keep him quiet (for now)

    Keep the baby gate up when people came over

    Funny how things change...

  5. My son just started making silly faces and crossing his eyes like crazy. I had to literally bite my tongue to keep myself from saying, "watch out or they'll stick like that." I mean, what if they do? I still half believe all those crazy things I was told.

    I'm also "that" mom who is trying to micro manage all of my daughter's friendships. Instead of just letting her learn to work things out, I'm often running in to help the girls process their feelings. I mean come on, that's really not very helpful. I think I'm often more worried about what the other mom's think and am trying to control the situation.

    Finally, I'm learning to have more grace for myself and other moms. The last thing that other moms need to see is someone who thinks they've got the whole parenting thing down pat. I'm learning to only give advice when asked. I've got a long way to go.

  6. My mom is a big-time sigher. She saws every thirty seconds or so. Drove me NUTS as a kid. I do it too. A lot. The martyr sigh...

  7. oops...
    I meant "she SIGHS every thirty seconds" not "saws..."
    I need a nap.

  8. Oh yes. The martyr sigh. I know it well. I mean, how else would we communicate our self-sacrifice? :)

  9. Hey, who's the super cute kid in the middle?? I bet she grew up to be hot! (oh yeah, that's me. Nice bangs)

  10. yelling. Boo for me. I hate when i do that.

    I never thought I would allow movies in the car either, but I totally do it. Any time that we are in the car for more than an hour and a half the little nintendo's come out. If it's a big long road-trip trek the dvd player always gets the hookup. How did our parents ever manage three kids in a car without Alvin and the Chipmunks for a diversion?

  11. I never understood how you could accumulate so many toys? I would comment to my sister that they had way too much and now......I am buying things left and right -

    "no" --- trying not to overuse this word....but yet it's the word that comes out first --

    and how come no one has commented on those outfits in that picture....that is awesome and you are one brave girl for posting! I bet there are more....and I hope we get to see them :-)


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