I Am The Queen of Self-Care

Some days, your values just collide, and you have to choose between self-care and a competing value. Oftentimes, it is self-care vs. kid-care. Today, it was self-care vs. frugality. Frugality won.

This was my afternoon snack. Two half-eaten apples. Because I wanted an apple, but couldn't stand to throw away randomly-bitten-but-mostly-intact apples I served my kids for lunch. They were 69 cents each, after all.

In retrospect, perhaps self-care would have been a better choice.


  1. KUDOS! it's not easy to admit that you eat your kids garbage! but i must admit, so often times i'm stuck eating half a bowl of soggy cereal to keeps it from getting poured in the trash!

  2. Oh how many chomped on apples I have eaten. mmmmm...

  3. I too have found myself eating my daughter's "leftovers" a lot, A LOT, this past week. And then I think of my friend who lost 10 pounds in a month because she *stopped* eating her kids lunches and snacks when they were done so it wouldn't go to waste. Waist or waste? That is the question for me!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!
    For one: it is nice to see that other people's kids eat the same way and amount that mine do (I'm always worried they're not getting enough)
    For two: I have finished off their scraps a number of times! Sometimes I have gathered them from the 4 corners of the house, and I'm on the way to the garbage can, but just can't allow myself to throw away "perfectly good food" ha!


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