Handiest Grocery Shopping Tool of 'Em All!

If you are a grocery shopper then this is an absolute mama must have! I often give this to new moms (or moms having their 2nd or 3rd babies) because it is the handiest time-saving & organization tool! I use the backside of the list to plan my meals for the week.

Gone are the days of frantically scribbling your grocery list as you try to load up your kids and the cloth grocery bags (green is SO the new black)

What I love about it:
-it has a magnet on the back so you can post it on the fridge and check things off as you run out of them. Get the whole fam on board with this concept! (Do you ever get home from the grocery store run, put everything away, and realize that you were out of milk and say these words, "Why didn't anyone tell me we were out of milk?!")

-it is organized by section of the grocery store (produce, vegetables, deli, dairy, meat, frozen, etc.) so you do not have to wander the aisles as you go down your list - you just check your list in each section of the store!

-it has many items already written on the list for you, saving you time as you just check the box. But, it also has extra lines in each section to add your own items that may not be on the list.

-in addition to food items, there are sections for "household" & "hygiene" items so you will remember to get the light bulbs, tampons, and milk!

I buy my All Out Of pads at Anthropologie, but you can also find them online here.


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