Favorite Water Bottle for Kids

With all the recent news on the presence of BPA in water bottles and sippy cups, I have decided to take the plunge and get my kids the aluminum water bottles that are totally BPA free.  After researching quite a bit, I have landed on the SIGG water bottle.  I got mine at Right Start, but they also sell them at Whole Foods, on Amazon and at outdoor recreation gear stores.

They are super light-weight, and have an easy twist top feature that makes them non-spill, but are also easy enough for my kids to use them unassisted!

The only bummer is that now I am more concerned about the bottles being left at the park than my kids being kidnapped.  (They are about $15, after all!)  


p.s.  Take inventory of your own bottles, Mamas!  BPA is a "hormone disruptor" and I think that we could all use a little less hormone disruption if you know what I mean!  I tossed my old Nalgene bottles that were polycarbonate into my sand toys bag and my hubby & I are now using the milky white colored Nalgenes that are BPA free (available at REI and other outdoor/sporting goods stores).  SIGG also makes larger bottles for the grown ups like us.  

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  1. this is a great comment! i'm always thrilled to hear that other mom's are concern about the toxins in plastic.
    i don't know if you know this but VINYL is the new asbestos, but nobody wants to talk about it.


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