Favorite Splurge Car Seat

When it was time for my son to move out of his infant car seat, I moved him into my daughter's old car seat and bought her a bigger 5 point harness car seat made by Britax. I scored the hot deal and got the car seat 50% off because the seat cover was the old model and they were introducing a new line.

What I like about it:
-the latch option makes it possible to move the seat from car to car (great for carpooling and switching to papa's car) with two easy clicks
-it is rated super high for safety
-the material is so super soft (if I could curl up and take a nap in it, I would!) - it is like the equivalent of a velvet throw blanket, a roaring fire and a good book for an adult
-it is very, very comfortable for her for long car rides and when she falls asleep her head rests far more comfortably than in her old seat (that her poor li'l bro rides in now) where it used to flop forward immediately
-she can snap herself in and out entirely on her own!!!


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