Art for the lonely...A Service Project for Kids

I have a prolific art creator in my home. -My daughter is often found coloring, drawing, painting, etc. She loves to make cards and pictures and "mail" for her friends and family, and then just to create for the sake of creating. I feel very guilty about throwing her "art" away, but then, lets be honest, how many pictures of stick people and suns can one save over time? I do have a file that I save her special artwork, and different examples that mark the progress she is making as a budding artist. But, a solution to the piles and piles of cherished art that we do not have space for, is to save it for the lonely! We have tons and tons of retirement homes in our community and we now have a spot designated for art for them. After completing a project that does not have an established recipient, Logan will place her masterpiece in the pile for the "special friends". We have a date set to take our play group families to a retirement home to pass out our art and just visit for a few minutes with some sweet people who love visiting with kids.

I love finding ways for my kids to be blessings to others while still being kids! We have done many service projects where they have tagged along and "helped out" a bit (equal parts helping to paint a house and paint their siblings). But, this is an opportunity for them to just be themselves - to smile, share their name and say 5 simple words that will really make someone's day:

"I made this for you."

Share the love. Share the art.


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