TALK BACK: What's Your Uniform?

I find that I wear pretty much the same thing every day, when I'm home with the kids. Sometimes, it is literally the same thing - anything not visibly soiled is placed on a chair for wearing the next day because, God knows, I'll do anything to avoid more laundry. But even when I change outfits, it's still kinda the same thing. For me, it's a hoodie with pockets, jeans, and flip-flops. I have several variations of this same outfit. It's my uniform.

What's your mom uniform? What do you find yourself wearing on your days at home?


  1. jeans. always jeans. and any kind of comfortable shirt. topping it off with sandals. HOT!

  2. I go through phases:

    -jeans, comfy shirt and flip flops phase
    -summery skirt, tank top or comfy shirt, flip flops phase
    -longish shorts, comfy shirt, flip flops

    Every time we need to go somewhere where nice clothes are expected I have a melt down in my closet while peering at said row of comfy shirts, jeans and summery skirts. Then, hubby tells me to go shopping and get nice clothes. I come home with more comfy shirts, skirts, jeans... you know the drill.

    I need a personal shopper. :)


  3. this time of year it's bermuda shorts, tank top, and rainbows.

  4. For me it's yoga pants (soooo comfy) and a 3/4 sleeve tee. At the moment, black on bottom, hot pink on top. I'm sassy like that. Oh, and I always wear earrings so I feel a bit more together/with it.

  5. same pair of jeans every day. Rainbow surfer flip flops every day. headband and pony tail...

  6. Well my PJ's till about 11, then a bra, t-shirt and knee length shorts with flops. Even when I work its a skirt, t-shirt and flops. I might need to step it up sometimes.

  7. okay so, who's going to be the first on "what not to wear?" Ha!
    I've often thought those two might actually sneak up on me in Target, laughing at me, asking me if I'm wearing a pj top.
    Could totally happen.

  8. i love to dress nice. i love wearing dresses; pulling myself together with cute sandals and a cute 'do and flaunting my "i'm still human" to the world.

    how often do I do it? ..... a few times a year? until they make a dress that is fantastic and cheap and NON IRON I'm pretty much stuck on the fall back of jeans and t-shirts.


  9. I have the uni too. But I am trying to break out of it. My friends have said, "OOh cute shirt or pants." I am like I have had this for like 2 years. But b/c of 2pregs, moving x-country, nursing, etc. My wardrobe appears new to people maybe b/c I have not had a full year of wearing clothes post-preggers. HA!


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