WFMW Secret Weapon #1: Lollipop

There are truly very few situations that cannot be calmed/reversed/fixed/quieted by a lollipop. I am sure that before I was a mom I saw kids with lollipops and thought, “Wow, so much sugar…”, but now I am so okay with busting out the lollipop when drastic measures are needed. Like, for example, your son just threw up his entire breakfast of oatmeal pancakes all over the front of himself and the floor of Costco. Your cart is loaded to the GILLS with food for Thanksgiving, which you are hosting the next day. This is the one (and only) time that I have gone into a store without my diaper bag and my sweet daughter, Logan, is proclaiming very loudly, "Callen made biggest smells...[gag noises, gag noises, gag noises]!" The poor kid who threw up is scared and crying, and I am sweating as though I just did a lot of cardio.

Yes, there are certain times where a little solid ball of sugar seems like the hand of God Himself!


  1. Ok...I laughed out loud with this!

    Lollipops have been my "weapon" of choice for apologies here!
    sandy toe

  2. LOL yes lollipops should ALWAYS be in the purse right next to the neo to go, germ x and band aids.

  3. Ah the lollipop. I'm a big fan. I never leave home without them. The average lollipop has less than 25 calories.


  4. lollipops were always around when my children were little and now that we have a grandbaby her momma keeps them for her

  5. Yes! I rarely go anywhere with my 3 kids without lollipops. The best use I've found is to distract a toddler enough to strap them back in the stroller when you are ready to leave a playplace but they are not! Lollipops definitely ease the transition!


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