Put Your Feet Up

I heard a great piece of advice, and I'm trying to take it. If you still have kids who nap, at least half of that nap should be spent WITH YOUR FEET UP. Sure, there are toys to pick up, laundry to fold, cheerios to sweep. But just take a moment and put your feet up. Grab a book, watch Oprah, read a magazine, or doze off. 

Your kids will prefer a refreshed mommy to a clean house.



  1. sounds good, but PLEASE don't watch oprah, this could cost you your soul!

  2. With 6 kids, I HAVE to have time to put my feet up. Nap time is my saving grace. All 4 of the littles lay down for an hour and a half nap and the oldest does quiet school work(I homeschool). I take a nap with the baby for at least 30 minutes and then spend the rest of the time however I want too. No guilt, no worries, it's my time(with a baby attached to my hip or my boob). I highly recommend at least 30 minutes of down time for mom's. It is worth it!


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