The PSA on BPA

I am usually very wary when I start getting alarmist emails about things to avoid, but lately I keep hearing about toxins in baby bottles and set out to do some research. I've read enough from real news outlets to be concerned, since I have kids still using bottles and/or sippy cups made of plastic. There was a recent study on a chemical called BPA that was found it most popular baby bottles and sippies, and the bottom line is that it can leach into liquids if the plastic is heated (i.e. if you use a dishwasher/microwave) or if the bottles are old or scratched. BPA is an environmental estrogen that can affect development, reproduction, and other scary stuff. Read more here. Sounds like California may be the first state to officially ban this, but for now, BPA is in most brands at most stores.

I started looking into BPA-free bottles, and found some at Whole Foods for $9. Ouch There are also glass bottles now, but I can only imagine my rough-and-tumble toddler shattering those just for the fun of it. So I did some searching, and found that there are several old-school brands that are safe and inexpensive. In fact, many of the economy brands are the safest, including the ones we've been using (Take n' Toss and Gerber) because they are made of a different plastic (Polypropylene) that has no known toxins. I always knew it paid to be cheap! Here is a quick list, and my source was this wesbite, which has detailed info on every brand.


BPA Free:

Adiri Natural Nurser
Avent Tempo System
Born Free Bottles
Evenflo Glass Bottles
Gerber Bottles
Mam Ultivent Bottles by Sassy
Medela Bottles and all pump products
Nuby No-Drip Bottles
Playtex Nurser (the one with the liner)

Contains BPA:

Dr. Browns
Second Nature
All other Evenflo Bottles
All other Playtex Bottles
First Year


BPA Free:

Avent Magic cup
Muchkin Cupsicle
Born Free Toddler Cup
ALL Take n Toss products (~phew!~)

I was shocked to read this stuff, but also relieved to know there are easy alternatives. Now, what to do with all those old bad-plastic bottles. Recycling ideas, anyone???



  1. Great information Kristen. Thanks for sharing. And mama's, don't forget to switch your water bottles too. Some popular Nalgene bottles contain BPA's (Lexan models). Use stainless steel (i.e. Sigg or Klean Kanteen brands) or polypropylene (i.e. Camelbak) bottles instead.

  2. thanks sis! and thanks for your great article about BPA's BE GONE !!

    Gear Review: BPA-free Water Bottles
    BPA is dead. That's short for bisphenol A, a controversial compound found in polycarbonate plastics that some studies have shown mimics the hormone estrogen and can cause medical ills in lab rats. After years of dragging its feet, Nalgene Nunc International has dropped the controversial chemical from its entire line of water bottles. Oh, and CamelBak did, too...

  3. First of all, thanks so much for not only this post but for the entire site. It is great and I am really enjoying it!
    Regarding the BPA business, would you consider sippies marked with a #2 or #5 to be safe?
    I first heard about this on main stream news and they just talked about avoiding plastic that was either unmarked or marked with 3, 6, or 7.
    I thought I would get your opinion since you all have done more research.

  4. Hi Tricia-

    I think that people who are really on the edge of this research would probably answer your question by saying that we should minimize our exposure to ALL plastics, but to absolutely avoid #3, #6, #7. Plastics like water bottles that are marked with a #1 are safe for SINGLE USE. So, it is not really a good idea to be re-using water bottles to drink water out of. Better Re-use alternatives would be to use them as sand toys, or as bowling pins. :)

    In our home we are using plastic marked with #2 and #5, but we are trying to use less plastic overall.

    I got my kids the SIGG water bottle to use on a regular basis. It is working well!

    I hope that helps!



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