Easy Mexican Lasagna (aka "Lazy Mama Enchiladas")

This is a recipe that I think I make almost every week. It is so yummy and fits the "comfort food" bill when you just want something that tastes really hearty and homey, but it is healthy and oh so easy peasy! This is a part of my meal planning where I use left over meat (chicken, chili, ground turkey or beef, etc.) from another night (chili or tacos, etc.) to stretch into another tasty meal that doesn't have a "leftover feel". See the recipe posts for "Zesty Chicken in a Crock Pot" for filling options (using left over chili is one of my favorite ways to make this)!


Meat filling option (chicken, beef, ground turkey, etc.)
Shredded cheese (about 5 oz.)
1 can of black beans, drained
Flour tortillas (whole wheat, ezekiel sprouted grain, or brown rice raise the level of health in this recipe; make sure you are looking on the label to see if your tortillas are partially hydrogenated oil free...I LOVE TRADER JOE'S!)
1-2 jars of favorite salsa (I like to use the smoky peach salsa from Trader Joe's, and a mild salsa so that it is not too spicy for my kids)

1. Put a thin layer of salsa in the bottom of your casserole dish
2. Tear your tortillas to layer the bottom of the pan on top of the salsa
3. Add your meat mixture on top of the tortillas
4. Add a black bean layer across your meat
5. Sprinkle cheese across your black bean layer
6. Tear another couple of tortillas to fit across the top of the cheese layer
7. Cover the top of the tortillas with another layer of salsa and sprinkle your shredded cheese across the top
8. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 375 degrees for about 30 - 40 minutes until warmed through and cheese is totally melted on top. I like to remove the foil for a few minutes at the end to let the top get a bit crispy.

This can be assembled well before cooking, so it is a great recipe to make during naptime and just pop into the oven during the crazy afternoon chaos hours when your house starts rocking back and forth with activity!

Serve with a dollop of sour cream or guacamole (or both if you are feeling crazy), and have a few tortillas chips on the side for a bit of crunch!


    Ok now im going to have to make this, I don't like beans so will do corn instead, but this is a great idea I know my family will love love this dish.
    Keep them coming, Ill try to post some of mine too.

  2. I made this twice in the last two weeks. The first time I made it with taco meat, chipotle salsa, and cheddar. It had too big of a kick for my kiddos, but I loved it. Last night I made it with shredded chicken, a peach mango salsa, and jack cheese. It tasted very sweet, but was good. I served it with Jasmine rice which was a nice flavor combination. My daughter was hesitant, since it looked like last weeks spicy version, but she did take a few bites. I am sure she will eat it better tonight as leftovers.

  3. Racehl, what peach mango salsa did you use? I've only tried the Trader Joes peach salsa, which is amazing but way too spicy for the kids. I'd love to find a peach salsa they can tolerate~

  4. I have also used the Trader Joe's pineapple salsa mixed with their garlic salsa. Both are mild and using those makes this more palatable for my kids (less spicy). The pineapple on its own was too sweet for me, so that is why I like to mix them.


  5. I have grown a serious taste aversion to meat lately so i made this the other day and added an whole layer of pureed peppers and tomatoes and then used Trader Joes' pineapple salsa...it was so wonderful!


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