meet the mama: Jessi

We are very happy to announce we have a new mama on board! Please join us in (officially) welcoming the very funny, very inspired, Miss Jessi.

Here's a bit more about Jessi:

How long have you been on your motherhood journey?
I sort of stumbled into motherhood in 2006 when I tried natural family planning (aka - the rhythm method) without totally understanding how it works. Oops. But, yay! Fast forward four years and I have a three year old prince, a two year old pint size beauty, and a one year old who I should probably stop calling "the baby".

What is one of your hardest mom moments that you will one day look back on and laugh?
My twenty-fifth birthday. My husband was gone all day to work, and I changed nine poopy diapers in one day. The exact opposite of how I dreamed I'd spend my 25th birthday, but hilarious nonetheless. There have been harder moments, but I think they may be so stressful that I've blocked them out of my memory.

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?
Hands down, what a worthy pursuit it is. Before I became a mother, there was a big fear in my head that if I had children, I'd be giving up on so many possibilities and in general - that it just wouldn't be enough to occupy my mind or really make me feel as if I was working for something, doing something for the Lord, making an impact. Suddenly, the idea of raising and guiding three children feels like too much - too much responsibility for one (or two) people, too much to fit into one day, and too much for my easily overwhelmed mind.

What is a current challenge in your family life?
Providing stability with what we have, in the midst of big transition. My husband just finished his first Master's degree (which meant lots of time away), we're in the process of planting a church, and preparing for a cross country move. I'm a tasky-homebody-who likes routine, raising slightly OCD scheduled-children, so I have my work cut out for me to create a peaceful home-life wherever we are, taking what comes our way!

My mom secret-weapon is....
Candles. If I'm feeling stressed or like the house is a wreck, lighting a nice little scented candle tricks me into a small bit of peace and also for my kids... somehow they've gotten into their heads that blowing out a birthday candle is better than the actual dessert. Maybe we left some birthday parties too early???? So now, if we're in the middle of meltdown mode - I sing them something to the tune of Happy Birthday and let them blow out some candles and everybody's happy.

My mama manifesto is...
... to love and serve my family in a way that helps them understand the Lord better.
... to care a little more and just play on the floor for a little bit.
... to care a little less and forget the stains on the carpet I find while playing.
... to still live life in community and share with other women when it seems like my mind only has room for nap schedules, meal plans, and discipline strategies.
... to humbly grow in all areas of motherhood, without feeling like an expert.


  1. I love Jessi! So glad she's on board with you guys, you've got a GREAT one :)

  2. jessi! i find so much comraderie with you, friend! the babies are happier on a schedule...being a mom is a huge responsibility...and OOPS- 3 babies later, i guess NFP doesn't work -ahhahahh! jill

  3. Hey Jessi!! Just 2yrs ago my husband finished his masters and we moved to plant a church with our four little boys. It is a great adventure. Enjoy it.

  4. love love love to you, precious lady. glad you're on here!



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