Meet the Mama's: Julie

married : mom of 2 : one on the way

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ON YOUR MOTHERHOOD JOURNEY? Since June 3rd, 2001 when I saw two pink lines for the very first time. It would take nearly three years from that day to actually bring a baby home from the hospital, but I believe that I became a mother the minute I first became pregnant.

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR HARDEST “MOM MOMENTS” THAT YOU WILL ONE DAY LOOK BACK ON AND LAUGH? It would have to be the Feces Fiasco of 2007. Stripping toddler + full diaper + poop everywhere + camera = something I can look back and wonder how she did that and how I survived it. I suppose I will pull out that picture during her dramatic teenage years.

WHAT HAS SURPRISED YOU THE MOST ABOUT MOTHERHOOD? That two kids with the same parents raised the same way could be so extremely different. From the moment they were born.

WHAT IS A CURRENT CHALLENGE IN YOUR FAMILY LIFE? Trying to parent two dramatically different children in the midst of a very busy and chaotic schedule and prepare for number three on the way. We're in for it.

MY “MOM SECRET WEAPON” IS… I am an excellent brainwasher. Pretty much CIA level. It works miracles.


  1. I am so glad that you are on this blog!

    Cannot wait to see all the crafty goodness on display on this site!

  2. I love it that you said you brainwash at a CIA level. Awesome. Looking forward to your posts!


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