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The Mamas are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products and services for busy moms and families. Got something you think Mamas out there would love? If we feel the same way, we would be happy to give your product some exposure to our readers. To find out where to send samples, email us at Due to our schedules as busy moms and bloggers, samples are not returned without prior arrangement. We cannot guarantee editorial coverage of your product, but if it's something we find to be a resource to our readers, you can bet we will want to share it. We also have a pool of local subscribers that we can utilize to offer market research.


Want to reach a host of saavy and well-informed readers who love to shop? Consider advertising on Mama Manifesto


1 Tap into a pool of hip, informed moms, quickly and effectively

2 Associate your brand with the shared values of Mama Manifesto

3 Spend your ad budget where the audience appreciates the ads as much as the content

4 Feel good about helping mamas connect and gain inspiration from one another

5 Reap some of the benefits of mothers trading tips and products that work for them (peruse our comments sections on posts and you will see this trading in action)

Mama Manifesto offers nap-sized ideas for other mamas out there. Easy short-cuts, tips, and ideas for inspiration are presented in our blog on a daily basis. From organic food choices to baby gear, the Mamas are sharing what works for them with other moms who are logging on seeking advice and information.

The Mamas want to connect families with companies that are interested in making their lives easier and in offering products that are healthier for our families and kinder to the earth. We believe that we are empowering our subscribers to align their values with everyday decisions as well. Contact Mama Manifesto to learn about our advertising and market research services that will enable your brand to connect directly with the mamas of the world.
If you are looking for PR photos, they are here.

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